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Drops Design


Jerikoveien 10 A, 1067 Oslo
Phone: +47 - 23 30 32 20
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Established 1982.

The DROPS Philosophy is based on creating international knitting fashion and new trends, mixing old and new, and giving inspiration and new ideas. We take great pride in communicating this according to our customers’ requirements through our website www.garnstudio.com and easily obtained knitting magazines. No passwords required, always up to date, and no obligation to buy yarn with the pattern catalogues. Our web pages and the pattern catalogues are dedicated to everyone with knitting as a hobby or as a professional career. Each new launch of a DROPS collection is regarded as an international event within the “knitting world” and creates enormous interest and attention. The DROPS designs are often used as trend setting features in the international press and magazines, in Europe as well as in the US. The DROPS catalogues are published in 15 languages.

DROPS Design has since the knitting boom in the 80's influenced the knitting market with our ability to create new trends, within design as well as yarn. DROPS is also known for our unique business concept making it possible to reach all knitting enthusiasts with a price policy and a service second to none.

DROPS has always focussed on design, and we have been credited with a big influence on the 80’s with our over-dimensional shapes, often knitted in mohair, and on the 90’s with a more refined stylish and classic look. DROPS design still carry this innovative approach and we have a big influence on the knitting/crochet trend with constant new ideas and designs.

We focus on expanding and renew our area of expertise, felting and the use of Alpaca are good examples of this. Knitted and crochet items are now also widely used as accessories and within interior design. The DROPS collections always feature a large range of designs and patterns, directed at beginners as well as the more experienced knitters and at those who want quick results and those who wants more of a challenge.

The DROPS Yarn range has been developed in close collaboration with the DROPS designers both in terms of fibre content and other specifications. A great design will never look better then the yarn it’s made from, and here the DROPS designers don’t compromise. The DROPS yarns are available in the most gorgeous natural fibres in a beautiful range of colours. Each quality/each mix/each design has been specifically chosen to enhance the yarn’s unique qualities, and at the same time enhance the feeling of quality which a DROPS yarn provides. Our ambition is to always being able to offer a DROPS yarn quality, mo matter the knitting/crochet project.

The DROPS Price policy is to always be 20-30 % below the general market price level. To make sure our customers benefit from this, the DROPS yarn is always marketed with a price guarantee, we call the max price. Max price is a guarantee from our retailers to our customers that the DROPS products are sold at these prices, or less. You may see the max process on our web pages, in the general price list as well as in the individual patterns or in the seasonal DROPS catalogues.

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