Ivar Asplund


Ivar Asplund

Addicted to knitting for some 35 years - my grandmother showed me the basics when I was about five and I've been "learning by doing" since then. I like knitting sweaters best, and am especially fond of wool. There are many knitwear designers I admire, but my top favourites are Marianne Isager and Alice Starmore; their attention to detail is incredible! And Britt-Marie Christoffersson is a marvel, too innovative for words! I try to design at times, but often I simply steal ideas ("get inspired" sounds nicer!) and make some changes. Nowadays, after dozens of sweaters, copying what somebody else has already done is not quite enough - I want a surprise element too. This doesn't mean my changes (sometimes simply a diffent choice of colour) are improvements, but I'm happy I'm not afraid of experimenting anymore.

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