Lois Daykin


Lois Daykin

I mentioned a little while ago, going to my LYS and seeing a very adorable book, Baby Knits: 20 handknit designs for babies 0-24 months.  Well, I made it back and now the book is mine!  I really went back and forth on getting it since my little girl is getting to the top of the size range, but this dress…this dress is so adorable!  I had to get it.  The pattern calls for Rowan Wool Cotton, which is hands down one of my favorite yarns to work with, however, I am not using it!  There is a new Rowan yarn called Purelife.  It’s organic Cotton, dyed naturally.  The color is gorgeous, and it’s so soft.  Purelife, like the Wool Cotton, is a dk weight, and the soft pink color and the fact that it’s all cotton, made it my choice for summer.

I have made the two little ruffles and I’m working on the back right now.  The yarn is nice to work with, but I have found it to split a bit more then I’d like.  Not horrible, but it’s the nature of going with 100% cotton, rather then the blend.

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