Julie Ferguson


Julie Ferguson

Get to know Julie Ferguson, whose incredible colour combinations have made for some truly beautiful projects over the years.

Speciality: Colourwork

Favourite yarn: Silk, followed by cashmere then alpaca (my husband is always bemoaning my expensive tastes!)

Best knitting memory: My earliest knitting memory is when a group of schoolfriends and I would take our knitting to school, to do at playtime (I was probably 5 or 6). We all had our mum’s and gran’s leftover bits of yarn, which in my case were all grey and bottle green from the school jumper knitting. But one girl came with the most exquisite ball of creamy soft angora… I coveted that yarn so much!

Favourite gift to knit for others: Shawls, cowls and mitts as I can buy some really expensive yarn without breaking the bank!

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